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Social marketing for Starworld Channel – Fanpage management

Description: Social marketing Starworld channel with fanpage.


Challenges: Manage the content for an available fan page with 99,428 Vietnamese out of 749,032 international fans  KPIs: acquire 50,000 new Vietnamese fans in the 1st year S [...]

Social marketing for Du hoc Pro – Lead Generating From Social Media

Description: Social Media campaign with Du hoc Pro


Work scope: Social marketing Challenges: Social marketing to drive traffic to a newly built overseas study website and generating leads with full personal information Solution: T [...]

PR Online and Printed- Campaign Bartender career start-up

Some activities for PR & event Campaign Batender career star-up


Challenges: To connect the brand of Pernod Ricard Vietnam with training and education as one of the corporate social responsibilities. Solutions: To coordinate with Youth Union of [...]

Online marketing for Techcombank - Motibee Card

Marketing online Techcombank& Motibee Card


Techcombank - Motibee Co-brand card issue campaign. Target goup: 150.000’s member. Issued card rate : 1.2%. Total impression: 3.800.000 Online Marketing -Techcomban [...]

PR Online - HR Branding - Ton Phuong Nam

PR online on E-newspapers for  “Career journey”


PR Online - HR Branding for Ton Phuong Nam. Client: Southern Steel sheet Company. PR/Communication: 102%. Candidate Profiles : 1.700. Online event partipants: 8,000. Unique users o [...]
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